I'm Callum, 18M from Gloucestershire, UK. Post Punk, Hardcore and similar stuff are my jams.
Is This It


See, people they don’t understand
No, girlfriends, they can’t understand
Your Grandsons, they won’t understand
On top of this, I ain’t ever gonna understand


Punch Crew retrospective! So Punch played their last show with Meghan on Sept 19th. I’m glad I got to see them play one last time here in Boston shortly before that and while I’m finishing up some of the images from that, I went back through my archives and dug up a lot of stuff from over the years.

I first met this crew after their 2009 gig in Allston, MA, top left, where they played in a basement while the lights kept cutting off. It was wild.

Not long after that they were back in Haverhill, MA, touring with Loma Prieta in 2010. Top right.

In 2012 I was able to see them 3 times back to back. These shots are from Charlotte, NC, Providence, RI, and Boston.

During the summer of 2013 I flew out to the last Comadre show and got to kick it for a few days and hang in San Francisco and Oakland. It was rad seeing them on their home turf.

The crew shots are from over the years, the top portraits are from the 2012 tour, here in Boston, along with the group shot with Living Eyes. Below that is a shot from Meghan’s wedding, which I was lucky enough to photograph this past January. And on the right is the final crew shot I made a few weeks ago in Salem, MA.

Next is a collection of merch and other stuff that we collaborated on over the years. The flexi postcard is a split with angelaowens from the Haverhill show. The tour flyer is for an Australia tour and the photo comes from the Charlotte, NC gig from 2012. Below that is the incomplete history cassette also with a shot from Charlotte, NC. Along the bottom row are the shirts featuring shots from various shows.

And finally is a shot from Meghan and Pennie’s, from Goodtime Boys, wedding. I never would have guessed wedding photography and punk giggin’ would allow me to fly out to California to make some amazing images for awesome friends.

I’m bummed Punch are done(?), but I’m excited to see what comes out of this bunch of folks in the future!


I hate myself


I hate myself


Butthole Surfers, Descendents, Big Boys @ La Grandia 1982


Butthole Surfers, Descendents, Big Boys @ La Grandia 1982

riddle me this




if rock music is so good why does it suck 

Does anyone know a doctor, because someone needs a good heavy dose of some Shinedown.

does anyone know any friends because you need some


This is a really cool version of ‘The End Of Radio’ by Shellac for what was supposed to be a John Peel session before he died so they did this session as a tribute. 

Bad Brains


Bad Brains - “Don’t Need It”

Don’t need no ivory liquid. Don’t want no afro sheen.
Don’t need the latest fashions. Don’t want my hair to smell clean.

I’ve got my automotion,
I’ve got that superpotion.
And if you think I’m going crazy,
Then pretty baby it might be true babe.

We don’t need no first class. Don’t need no second class.
All of the best-of, all that can kiss my ass.

I’ve got my claim to fame,
I’ve got that positive flame.
And if you think I’m going crazy,
Then pretty baby it might be you babe.

Double Nickels on the Dime


Minutemen - “The Glory of Man”

Starting with the affirmation of man
I work myself backwards using cynicism
(The time monitor, the space measurer)

I live sweat but I dream light years, 
I am the tide - the rise and the fall
The reality soldier, the laugh child, 
The one of the many, the flame child
(The time monitor, the space measurer)



I looked at your face and it fell apart.

When you look at me do I fall apart?

A penny per thought would fill a bank.


Steal Her Look: Dee Reynolds

Ostrich: $10,000

Life Is Very Long When You're Lonely (Irvine Meadows, Laguna Hills, CA 08/28/1986)


The Smiths, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (Live 1986)


”You can meet Cal in the PIT!”



”You can meet Cal in the PIT!”